Kliin reusable paper towel
Kliin reusable paper towel
Kliin reusable paper towel

Kliin:Reusable paper-towel

Made of 100% natural fibres, the Kliin is the ideal solution to change out your disposable paper-towels.

You can clean just about anything with it, it will absorb spills and can be washed in the washer or dishwasher for up to 300 times before it’s thrown away in the compost.

It’s the cutest yet most convenient reusable paper-towel we’ve ever seen!

  • Cleans everything (windows, dishes, counters etc.)

  • Holds up 10 15 times its weight in water

  • Machine washable or dishwasher friendly

  • Compostable: biodegrates in up to 28 days

  • Made with 100% natural fibres

    Size: 6,75" X 8" 


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