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Washable & reusable face mask

In the hopes of helping keep all N95 masks for the essential healthcare community workers, we’ve put together a small production of handmade face masks made out of our organic hemp and cotton trimmings. They are lined with 2 fabrics, comfortable; they hold properly on the face and keep the mouth and nose covered.

These non-certified masks are an addition to all sanitary measures already in place to fight COVID-19, they offer an extra barrier by filtering a part of airborne droplets. The masks do not replace any of the preventive measures previously announced by the government, such as social distancing and vigorous hand washing.

1 for $11.50, 2 for $20 and 4 for $38: See the options in the menu below.

Buy a reusable bag to store your mask! shop here

*Due to hygiene reason masks are not refundable, final sale

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