shampoing en barre BKIND orange et eucalyptus
shampoing en barre BKIND orange et eucalyptus
shampoing en barre BKIND orange et eucalyptus
Shampoo bar - Orange and encalyptus

Shampoo bar - Orange and encalyptus

It was while looking for THE solid shampoo that would make our hair clean and as soft as commercial shampoos that we discovered that one from a Montreal company BKIND. 

Delicious natural scent of orange and eucalyptus.

Gently cleanse your hair with natural ingredients. It gives your hair a thick foam that cleanses deeply while leaving behind a sublime fruity scent.

The shampoo has no packaging. So you can put it on a soap dish like this one!

55 g (approximately 60 uses)

Made in Quebec


Rinse the hair, lather the shampoo bar directly on the scalp. Massage the scalp then stretch the foam to the ends and rinse. * Take the shampoo bar out of the shower to allow it to dry well between uses and last even longer!


Panthenol: A simply magical ingredient for the hair! Panthenol retains moisture in hair and scalp, adds shine and smoothness. It also creates a protective layer on the hair, allowing it to be brushed without damaging it too much!

Gingko Biloba: Gingko biloba is known to nourish the scalp, thus giving strength to the hair from the root then reducing hair loss.

Cocoa butter: Cocoa butter gives hair softness, volume, suppleness and hydration. It nourishes the scalp and helps reduce dandruff.

Chia Extract: Packed with protein, chia gives hair strength to keep it healthy.

Oats: Oats improve volume, protect hair, and naturally add shine.

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