5 quick steps to keep your house clean on a daily basis

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 Even though we love spring cleaning (clean house passion), our time and energy previously dedicated to household cleaning have been greatly reduced since we became mothers. And let’s be honest, with children the household never stays in order very long.


Therefore, we try to do a little bit of daily maintenance to keep some semblance of order. This way is less daunting than having to devote several hours per day a week to help stay on top of our game.

Here are our tips.

1. Always go to bed with the dishes done


As you know, there is nothing worse and disheartening than a sink full of dishes when we are tired. For us, it is even worse to start the day with things leftover and not picked up from the day before. We, therefore, make a point of emptying the sink and filling the dishwasher before going to bed every night. It allows us to start fresh the next day. While we are on the topic, we use a loofah to wash and shine the sink after we are done (try the loofah + the dish cake duo, it is magic!).

2. Wipe off any excess water around the bathroom sink after using it.

Leave a cloth near the sink and use it to wipe off the area immediately after washing your hands, washing your face, brushing your teeth, or anything that might splash a lot of water. By doing this, we avoid having traces of water everywhere and the accumulation of dirt as well. When finished, place the cloth that is in a waterproof bag in the laundry until the next wash.

3. In the evening, we do a five-minute blitz to put away everything lying around.

Quickly, we pick up the toys, papers, keys, clothes, and anything else that we

have left lying around during the day. Of course, we try to pick up as we go during the day, but in the end, there is always something that needs to be picked up. We like the idea of hiding stuff in bags and basket ;)

4. We clean off the crumbs on the table and counters.

We do a quick swipe-over to pick up any crumbs that have accumulated on the table and counters during the day. It looks a lot cleaner to the eye without having done a big cleanup!

5. Windows are opened every day.

What does this have to do with the household you say? Airing out your home helps get rid of unpleasant or persistent odors. This way, they do not have time to penetrate deep into the tissues and avoids having to resort to odor cover-ups and other commercial scent products. The sun also has strong disinfectant powers and is good for the mood. So, in summer as in winter, windows are opened to ventilate!

Small, easy gestures that can make all the difference!

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