Our commitments

Always evolving to do better for us and for the planet

Promote local economy

All our products are proudly made in Quebec, from manufacturing to label. Thus, we participate in the creation of employment and the preservation of our knowledge while reducing the footprint related to transportation. More than 4 Quebec companies are employed on average to make each of our products.

Giving back to the community

Each year, we give a grant to an organization or a project thanks to the funds collected by the sale of the "Thank You" bags. Thanks to these grants, many beautiful projects have been realized. To learn more about the organization click here.

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We believe that in order to inspire change in others, we must offer sustainable solutions and be a positive influence.


We believe that education is the greatest weapon for change. We work very hard to provide green information, content and tips on our various platforms (YouTube,Blog,social media) to educate people about various environmental issues and ways to address them.

Packaging and shipping

All our packages are minimalist and made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper. We also use vegetable based inks to print them. Orders are shipped plastic-free in recycled or compostable materials. We try to make the best choices for the planet.

Designing durable products

Each of our products is designed to have the least impact on our beautiful planet. We want to offer durable and affordable products. We use materials that can easily be repaired as needed and thus extend their lives over many years. 

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