Besides your online store, do you have any other points of sale?


Yes, you can find the list of our retailers to find the one closest to you right here.

The product I would like to buy is out of stock, when will it be back?

You can write to us at info@danslesac.co and subscribe to the inventory return alert by clicking on the "Email me when available" button under the product page.


What are your delivery times?

 Canada: 5 to 7 business days. 

United States: 1 to 2 business weeks.

Europe: 3 to 4 working weeks.

I have not received an order that I placed and the delivery time has passed. What should I do?


Oh, we are sorry to hear that, sometimes we receive higher number of orders. Please email us: info@danslesac.co 

I would like to personalize bags with my company logo, is this possible?

Absolutely! Please fill the form on this page and a member of our team will be back to you shortly! 



Where is your cotton from?

The cotton we use is grown and woven in the United States. We chose this location for its minimal environmental impact when being transported and for its superior quality. Also, the water regulations are stricter in the United States than they are  in Asia.*China, India, and the United States are the largest cotton farmers in the world. Canada does not have the necessary climate to grow cotton.

Is your cotton certified organic?

Our bulk bags, bread and baguette bags are made from a natural (no harmful chemical bleaching) cotton from the United States which is not certified organic. We opted for this cotton to offer our bags at reasonable prices. Our mission is to simplify zero waste habits. We don’t want our products only to be accessible to a select elite. But when it is an affordable option, we do choose an organic fabric; such was the choice for our napkins, lunch set and the tiny companion which are all made with certified GOTS hemp/cotton.

Are all your bags made in Quebec?

All Dans le sac brand products are made in Quebec. However, we are a reseller of products that are made elsewhere. You can find the origin of each product in the description on the product sheet.


Will the bag shrink after being washed?

Yes, the bag will most likely shrink about 10 to 15 percent from its original size. The natural cotton fibre will naturally shrink once washed. The bag is designed a bit bigger than needed for this reason. It must be washed in cold water and mustn’t be put into the dryer which would shrink the bag even more.

How should I wash my bag?

We recommend washing your bag with a soft detergent but with no fabric softener since your bag will be in contact with food then lay flat to dry.

Our Bag use and maintenance section on the website has all needed details regarding the maintenance of your bag and many tips and tricks for optimal use of your Dans le sac bag.

The less you wash your bag the better, simply shake out any crumbs and reuse it as often as you like.

Bag use and maintenance

My bags are stained, how can I wash them ?

We recommend scrubbing the stain with some stain remover soap  before washing it as you normally would in the machine. If the stains persist, soak your bags in a mix of water and Sodium Percarbonate to make them all nice and white again.

Check out our Laundry blog for more tips & tricks on this topic.


How long can the bread be kept in the bag?

Approximately three days, depending on the kind of bread you choose and the environment in which it is kept. Please refer to our Bag use and maintenance section on the website for more details.

Bakers recommend eating your baguette 24 hours after it was baked, but when kept in the bag, 48 hours is also more than fine.

Learn more by watching this video 

Bag use and maintenance

Why keep the bread in a cotton bag?

This method has actually been used for a very long time and is still recommended by bakers to this day. The cotton fabric allows an air exchange which not only prevents the bread from growing mould but it also creates a barrier from any drafts which would dry it up.

Can the bread be frozen directly in the bag?

Yes, if you do not think you will be able to eat the whole bread in the three days following your purchase, you can simply slice the bread up and freeze it in the bag. Thus allowing you to unthaw and toast one slice at a time. We do recommend to not keep it frozen for a long period of time as it could not taste as fresh.

If I make my own homemade bread, can I use the bag to keep it fresh?

The bread must have a thick enough crust to do so since the crust acts as a natural barrier for the loaf. Therefore a loaf with a thin crust would dry up quicker than one with a thick crust.

You have more questions? Please write to us at info@danslesac.co

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