Shipping and returns


CANADA (Quebec and Ontario):

Standard delivery 4-5 days 7.00$ CAD

Free on orders over $75+ use code at checkout: free shipping

(Please note: We allow one discount code per order.)

Other Canada:

Standard delivery 4-5 days 10.00$ CAD

Free on orders over $75+


Standard delivery 10 business days 14.00$ CAD


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Returns of merchandise

Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. You are advised to inspect them upon receipt. You have 30 days following receipt to return any products that, in your opinion, were damaged in transit or have manufacturing defects.

Except for exceptional cases involving an administrative error on our part, no refunds will be given.

How to return merchandise

Any return of merchandise will be inspected by us. Bags with defects in manufactures will be repaired or replaced with equivalent bags. Please contact us before returning to