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Our mission

Encourage local economy

From the design to the printing of the labels, each and every one of our products is entirely handmade here in Québec. Dans le sac proudly supports the local economy. We design products that respect our environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle. For ourselves, but also for our planet! 

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We give back to the community by giving a
dollar per purchase of our “Merci“ bags to an
organization which sponsors waste reduction

Changing mentalities, one bag at a time ;)

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Current organization

Create sustainable products

Each and every of our products are designed to have a minimal impact on our planet. We strive to offer sustainable and affordable products.

We use materials that can be easily repaired thus extending the life of our merchandise and reducing waste!

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We can customize your bags for your business!

Do you want to become an eco-friendly company? We offer customization of any of our products with your company logo.

Do you have a project in mind but you’re not sure how to make it
happen? We also offer many different customization options; it all depends on what you need!

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Our story

We embarked on this adventure with the same passion for pretty & eco-friendly things. We wanted to create items that had style and that were sustainable, which is how we came about making our products.

Our mission today is to inspire people to change their daily habits, but also to give them the simple & green tools to do so.

Laurie & Stephanie

Eco-friendly product makers

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