DIY basic face cream

This basic face cream recipe is easy to customize depending on what your needs are*, and what your skin type is like. Most often, we’ll make a big batch that we keep in the fridge, and then we just take what we need from it. As with all our other recipes, the ingredients can be switched out for whatever you have on hand (jojoba oil, olive oil etc.) All the ingredients are harmless to your health and can be used for many other DIY cosmetics recipes.

This cream is moisturizing, refreshing, it’s all natural and smells heavenly!
This recipe was given to us by Hunzaroma, our neighbourhood essential oils store.

Basic cream (85 GR)

Oily phase
• 30g of jojoba oil (or Argan, olive, coconut etc.) depending on your skin type
• 5.6g of Olivem 1000 emulsifying wax or any plant-based wax
Aqueous phase
• 40g of Rose Hydrolat (Labrador Tea, Lavender, Neroli etc.) depending on your skin type
• 16.6g of Aloe Gel
• 1.3g of plant-based glycerin

• 5 drops of Vitamin E
• 12 drops of essential oils (Lavender, rose, tea tree, cedarwood etc.) depending on your
skin type.

1- Clean and sterilize your pots, utensils and containers properly.
2- Melt the oily phase ingredients in a double-boiler and stir together.
3- Warm the aqueous ingredients over low heat in a double boiler as well then stir
4- Whisk the oily phase mix with a hand-held mixer for 5 to 10 seconds then pause for 5 minutes.
5- Add the oils to the aqueous mix then whisk together for 10 seconds. Pause and then whisk again until it emulsifies properly (you’ll know when the mix becomes whiter, and the texture is like whipped cream).
6- Refrigerate until cooled.
7- Add the essential oils and Vitamin E
8- Pour the mix into your containers, and refrigerate.
This mix can be kept in the refrigerator for a few months; you can just take what you need as you go along.

*Consult an aromatherapist to know more about what you need for your skin type.

** Do not add the essential oils if you are pregnant or if it will be used on young children.
Cosmétiques non toxiques By Sylvie Fortin
Ma bible des huiles essentielles By Danièle Festy

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  • Bonjour, j ai fait la crème pour le visage et ça reste liquide, est ce que je peux la récupérer?

    Melanie on
  • bonjour, peut on utiliser de la vitamine e quand on est enceinte?

    Emilie on
  • Merci, les filles, vraiment, pour cette super recette! Je l’ai préparée avec de l’huile de jojoba et de chanvre (1/2-1/2) et le résultat est génial (et vert😁). J’ai envie de me tartiner 5 fois par jour!!!!

    KIm on
  • bonjour,
    Est-ce que je peux réduire de moitié les quantités pour faire moins de crème? J’ai peur de gaspiller.


    Lysandre on
  • Bonjour les filles, merci pour votre recette! J’aimerais savoir quel est le modèle et la marque de votre balance, car j’ai lu que pour les DIY, il était pratique d’avoir une balance qui mesure au 0,01 gramme près. Merci beaucoup pour vos conseils!

    Marisol on

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