Reusable bread bag
Reusable bread bag
Reusable bread bag
reusable bread bag cotton

Reusable bread bag

Perfect for bringing home bread from the bakery and storing it for 3 days*. An ideal way to reduce your environmental footprint!

This reusable bag was initially designed to keep your bread as fresh as possible. Regardless of what your needs are, this bag can also be used as a fruit and vegetable bag, cosmetic bag, pencil case and much more!

Cotton is a natural fiber that lets bread breathe. Say goodbye to mould! The cotton used for making the bags comes from the United States.

The perfect bag if your make your own, see how here

* Learn more how to use the bag and keep your bread fresh  here

You can use an Abeego beeswax wrap to keep your bread fresh longer! Simply wrap your bread in it and put it in the bag. 

** A shrinkage of 10% on the height of the bag is to be expected after the first wash. The bag was designed larger in anticipation of this shrinkage.


13.5"long x 13" high


100% natural cotton*

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