My top 5 easy steps to a zero waste lifestyle

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New year means new resolutions! The problem with resolutions though, is that they usually are quite stressful and hard to maintain. Life is full of daily struggles as it is already, so why add to it? That’s why I’m sharing my top 5 easy-peasy steps towards a zero waste lifestyle with you today, simplicity is the best policy! Just start with one of the following, and when you’ve mastered it, add another!

Reusable bags (Obviously)

This isn't news, reusable bags have been around for a few years now, and it's almost second nature to use them now.

But above and beyond bagging your grocery with these, I’m talking about using them for your fruits & vegetables, your bread (placement product! Ha!) and even for your snacks (La fabrik éco).

There’s a reusable bag solution for every time you want to use a plastic Ziploc bag. (We have yet to find a solution for poop bags though!!)

reusable cotton bag

Get rid of your millions of cleaning products

Not only do they take up space under the sink, but they also are usually quite harmful for both yourself and the environment.

A bit of water, white vinegar and baking soda is all you need to replace all of them! And if you like it when it smells “clean”, a few drops of essential oils will suffice (perhaps Jacynthe’s purifying mix or lemon essential oils).

I recently tried a homemade version of a citrus scented cleaner, which is basically just adding orange peels to a white vinegar filled mason jar and let it sit for 2 weeks. Then add the peels to your compost, and pour the vinegar to a spray bottle with water (half-half).

If you don’t have time to do this mix, there are many companies whom sell cleaning products in bulk (Baleco).



Bring your own water bottle or coffee mug

What a deal!This one is soooo easy, all you have to do is think of it on your way out the door! And it can be something as easy as a mason jar. Tim Hortons even offers a 0.10$ discount when you bring your own mug… What a deal!


Using bars of soap (or bulk buying it)

Because it’s something we do daily, and we all need soap for it, it truly is worth it to change this habit. Bottled soap is often made out of sketchy products and usually made of water at about 70%.

Homemade soap usually comes with little to no wrapping and is wonderful. Good for your health and the environment. What’s surprising is that there are so many companies around here that make their own soap, all in their own original way, and it’s amazing! La Savonnerie des Diligences even has a few locations where you can buy your own soap, which means you go and cut your own bars.

Ordering the Publisac sticker for your mailbox

 Even if you want to keep the Publisacs for your scrapbooking projects or your cat litter box, you probably don’t need it every week!

Just because it comes for free, right to your door step, doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

Publisac is even quite accommodating, they’ll send you the sticker to put on your mailbox for FREE and you won’t get them anymore. My recycling bin and consumer habits both feel much better now!

Here is the number to call: 1-888-999-2272

See? Not too hard, right? So, tell us what’s going to be your first step towards a zero waste lifestyle?

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