Minimal maternity checklist essentials

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Having had two kids each, we now have a better idea of what to bring and specifically how not to over pack on your special day so you can focus on the most important: welcoming your little baby.

Here is our minimal maternity bag checklist whether you choose to give birth in the hospital or at a birthing center.

The number of items depends on your own situation like the place of birth, the duration of the stay and the type of birth you end up having. We’ve both had very different birthing experiences and this is the list we have come up with that sums up all the essentials you need for you, your partner and baby.

You and your partner:

    • Comfy and oversized clothes (ideal for comfort and if you choose to breastfeed)

    • High-rise undies for maximal comfort, especially important in the case of a C-section

    • Nursing bras

    • Reusable breast pads

    • Adult diapers or sanitary pads. You can also get reusable ones for these

    • Slippers and warm socks depending on the season

    • Phone charger

    • Snacks so you can get energy back and flowing into your body. We love energy balls and fresh juices for both you and your partner

    • Insulated water bottle to keep your water nice and cold during labor

    • Music and speakers to play your chosen playlist or for HypnoBirthing

    • Books and Ipad in case of a longer stay

    • Magic bag to help with pain management ( check with your birthing facility if you can easily warm it up)

    • Your pillows! Not a necessity but we all sleep better with proper pillows

    • Wet bag for dirty clothes

    • Breastfeeding support. This can be so important in the beginning of your nursing journey.

    • change for coffee and snacks machine

    • notebook and pen to take notes

    • medical card and hospital card

    • birth plan and any other papers you may need

    • essential oils to create a calm oasis, optional but so appreciated.

In your beauty bag:  

    • face and body moisturizing cream, we love this one!

    • deodorant

    • toothpaste and toothbrush

    • lip balm

    • body soap / shampoo and conditioner

    • hair brush and hair ties

    • stain removing soap

    • soft toilet paper, trust us.

    • perineal bottle to sooth and wash after birth

For baby: 

    • your diaper bag

    • footed pj’s (1 to 3 months and a couple of newborn and preemie)

    • bodysuits (1 to 3 months)

    • hat and slippers depending on the season

    • muslin blankets

    • liniment to clean up meconium

    • newborn diapers, single use or washable

    • wipes, single use or washable

    • wet bag for dirty clothes

    • car seat with proper cover depending on the weather/season

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