Copy of Our commitments at Dans le sac




All of our products are proudly made in Quebec, from our bags to our labels. We thus participate in creating employment and preserving our know-how while reducing our ecological footprint. On average, at least four different businesses are involved in each of our products


We strongly believe that education is the most effective weapon to bring about change. We work very hard to share information and eco-friendly tips on our different medias (YouTube, Blog, Social media) By doing this, we wish to build awareness on environmental issues and offer solutions to face these concerns.

Collaborate with other businesses to encourage local talent 

We love collaborating with other talented businesses. That is why, when we use an item on a daily basis and come to love it, we wish to share it with you by selling it in our online shop instead of making a copy and putting our name on it.

Give back to our community

Each year, we give a bursary to a charitable organization or community-based project. We are happy to raise this money with each sale of our market bags ‘Merci’. With these funds, many great things were accomplished. To know more about the current charitable organization we are encouraging, click here

Packing and shipping

All our packaging is minimal and made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper. Orders are shipped in recycled / recyclable envelopes or boxes and without any plastic. We are trying to make the best choices for the planet!

Create sustainable products

Each and every of our products are designed to have a minimal impact on our planet. We strive to offer sustainable and affordable products. We use materials that can be easily repaired thus extending the life of our merchandise and reducing waste!


We wish to offer affordable products while making the best choice for our planet. That is why, when possible, we favour organic fabrics. Our merchandise is made of different materials, finding a middle ground between offering reasonable pricing without jeopardizing quality.

  • Natural cotton Our natural cotton is imported from the United States and it is unbleached meaning it has not been processed with harsh chemicals. This choice was made to reduce the ecological footprint when it comes to transport of the raw material and also because the United States has strict regulations when it comes to agriculture and polluting water sources.
  • Organic Cotton and hemp: A fabric that ages very well! Hemp is the most eco-friendly fabric when it comes to its agriculture. It uses a minimal amount of water and pesticides aren’t needed. Hemp fabric will relax and soften with each wash and it is mixed with cotton for more suppleness. GOTS certified.
  • Organic cotton: Weaved especially for us in India, our mesh fabric that is used in the confection of our produce bags as well as our Tiny Companion is GOTS certified.
  • Linen: A noble and rich material that we love using in our limited editions (since it’s more expensive). Cultivating linen is very eco-friendly. It is also a fabric that will age well and will relax with each wash.