Banneton pain
Banneton - Bread basket
Banneton - Bread basket
Banneton - Bread basket

Banneton - Bread basket

The Banneton is a bread basket used to rise bread dough and shape it to give it a nice round shape and a tasty crust.

It is a must for all amateur and expert home bakers.

Small: For bread up to 500 g


Flour the banneton very well. Pour the dough into the basket. Leave to ferment. The dough will retain its shape and a sufficient supply of oxygen is ensured to obtain a particularly light bread.

Use our reusable napkins or kitchen cloth to cover the basket.


Option 1: Small, Diameter 20.5 cm

Option 2: Large, Diameter 25.5cm

Watch our bread video here to see how to use it.

Made in Vietnam

Please note the basket are handmade and they could have variations in the rattan material.


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