DIY all-purpose fir tree cleaner ūüéĄ

Here is a simple recipe for making a cleanser from the branches of your Christmas tree.


1. Fill a container of your choice with fir branches that you have previously washed well with water.

2. Add white vinegar to fill the container.

3. Leave to macerate in a cupboard protected from light for at least 2 weeks.

4. Strain the mixture to keep only the vinegar.

5. In a spray bottle, pour up to half of the vinegar container and fill the other half of the bottle with water.


Here! An all-purpose cleaner that smells of the forest!


all-purpose cleaner christmas cleaning DIY natural no√ęl tree Vinegar

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  • Avec cette recette, je suppose qu‚Äôon peut faire la m√™me chose en changeant pour des branches de c√®dre ??? Merci et f√©licitations pour votre blog.

    Francine Lebel on
  • Bonsoir,
    Est-ce que vous utilisez le vinaigre blanc de cuisine ou le ménager?
    Merci :)

    Stéphanie on

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