Homemade Christmas Decorations

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As the holidays approach, you just might feel the urge to go into a cocooning mode and decorate your home to get in the mood for the upcoming festivities. Even though our children marvel at the giant inflatable figures and the very bright lights, we still like to make our little homemade decorations. 

It brings a touch of nature inside, it gives us a reason to have a great time outside, and it costs nothing at all!

Here are some of our favourite Christmas decoration ideas for your home with elements from outside.


Obviously, pine cones are the number one item for Christmas decorating. They are easy to find near different types of conifers. Go in search of a pine or fir forest and introduce your children to them! They will have fun collecting them, like on a treasure hunt. It is also a great way to learn about the identification of the different conifers in your region. No kids? No worries, it's just as fun for adults. :)


Source: Laucolo

Here are some decorating ideas to use them:

  • A potpourri: We simply place the pine cones in a container l and add a few drops of essential oil (balsam fir, cinnamon, spruce, etc.). 
  • As a garland: Use a piece of rope and glue them to it with a little hot glue.
  • Decorate the table: add the pine cones on the table or table runner or group together in a vase. It's delicately simple and pretty.
  • As a decoration for your Christmas wreath.

décorations noel maison

Different branches

So here you have the choice! Fir, pine, spruce, cedar, etc. Each tree has its own style and smell. We like to vary and make bouquets.

* Always be careful not to injure the tree when picking up branches. Cut at an angle with sharp scissors.

Decoration ideas:

  • A wreath: You can get a wreath made of wood, metal, or you can make your own with vines. Then, with a string or a small metal wire, add the branches of your choice. You can go for a more minimalist or very full look; it's entirely up to you!
  • Add a special touch to a gift: Slip a branch under a string to decorate your packages or furoshiki. Cute as can be!


  • In a vase: We vary the styles of branches, and we put them in a vase. You can reuse a bottle of wine, oil or this type of container
  • Decorate the table: Place the branches on the table or the table runner, it's simple and elegant.

décorations noël écolos

In the photo: Reusable bread bag & Reusable gift bag for wine bottle 

  • Candle: Wrap a string and a balsam branch around a Mason jar or small glass container. Place a candle in it, and voilà. (We do prioritize electric candles here to avoid the risk of fire.)

Dried oranges

A holiday classic! It's easy to do, and you can reuse them year after year.

We slice the oranges thinly and place them on a baking sheet for about 4 hours (or more, depending on your oven) at the lowest temperature. Make sure to turn them over at half the time.

Decoration ideas:

  • Garland: Take a string or a rope and, with a needle, pierce the orange to thread it through and connect them.

décorations de noël

  • Decorate a gift: Thread a string or piece of rope through it with the needle and make a loop that will be attached to the gift. You can even add orange essential oils for a little extra touch.

Photo @littlehouse_happyfamily


For a more Scandinavian look, try cranberry garlands. They are usually easily found in the grocery store during this season.

With a thread and a needle, pierce the cranberries delicately to thread them to create a garland. Tie a knot at the end of each end. If you want to keep your garland for a while (more than a few days since the cranberries are fresh), you must use an acrylic sealer to spray it.

Discover more decoration ideas on our Youtube Channel!


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