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How many times have you taken the bread out for your morning toast just to realize that it’s gone just a little bit too stale and tossed it? We’re the first to admit we’ve done this! But once we tasted delicious croutons and French toast made with it, we’ve sworn we would never throw out stale bread again.

If you already bake your own bread at home (our favourite recipe is here), or regularly go to the bakery, you already know that fresh bread doesn’t last that long. There are no miracle solutions to this. Our cotton bread bag does help to preserve it for a little while longer, but since there are no preservatives in the recipe, it has to be enjoyed quickly. We’re talking about maybe 2-3 days tops depending on the flour and yeast used to make the bread. The truth is, the bread’s shield is its crust; therefore it’s entirely normal for it to become harder in time. The fluffy insides will stay this way and still be delicious. Therefore, it’s a good idea to cook the bread just a little while longer for the crust to be nice, thick, and golden, which will keep it fresh for longer.

reusable bread bag

Since we don’t keep our bread in plastic bags, it will never grow mould! So you’ll have a few days to make good use of one of these recipes; if it becomes too hard, simply get yourself a very sharp nice!

Alright enough with the bread anatomy, here are our best tips and recipes to use that leftover stale bread.


Slice up the bread into small pieces and add them to a large bowl.

Mix olive oil along with your preferred spices (we love oregano, basil and garlic powder, then add a dash of salt and pepper.

Pour the mix over the pieces of bread and mix it all up with your hands to make sure every piece is coated properly.

Spread onto a pan evenly, then put in the oven set at 400-450F for 10-15 minutes, or until nice and golden * Keep regularly checking because they can burn up quick!

And voilà! Add to your soups, salads, pasta or eat them as is, you’ll see just how delicious they are!

bread crouton

bread crouton


No time to cook? Freeze the leftovers in our bread bag!

Here are a few tricks from our friend Florence-Léa who works at Chic frigo sans fric:

  • How to revive your bread quickly: run under low water, then slip in the oven for approximately 10 mins, at 350F.
  • So many different alternatives to croutons if you are tired of having them in your salad! Give a whole new meaning to their crunchies goodness by making them in a Panzanella.
  • Also, try them as tiny French toast by dipping them in an egg cooker then brown them up. It’s a delicious salty or sweet option!
  • Bread puddings: have you ever tried the salty empty-the-fridge recipe? Instead of adding fruits and chocolate chips, use whatever vegetables, leftovers pieces of cheese or meats that are about to expire in the fridge. You’ll love the change!
  • Last but not least: If you don’t appreciate cooking pie crusts from scratch, try rolling the piece of bread and laying them at the bottom of the pan for a quiche crust.

For more tips on managing food waste, go check out her blog and read her books!

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