Essential oils (part 2)

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Here’s a part two on essential oils because they have so many different uses that go above and beyond their diffusing properties. So here’s a continuation of my must-haves (and I’ve cut it a bit short because it could go on and on!)

essential oils

First of all, here’s my recipe for an anti-acne cream, which was my first essential oil try-out, and at-home win! Obviously, I didn’t apply it and then woke up zit-free the next day. I changed up my whole skin-care routine because I realized that what I was using was to harsh on my skin, which was making it produce too much sebum. So don’t go overboard with exfoliants or products that dry-up your skin, even if they do have the anti-acne seal on the wrapper!

Also, while looking for greener options, I had started using coconut oil on my face to remove my makeup and clean my skin, but an esthetician gently pointed out that since this oil solidifies when it reaches cooler temperatures, if it is not rinsed out properly it could block my pores. Since then, I have been using jojoba oil which is better adapted for my skin.


Healing cream

healing cream diy

Glass container, 50ml

Wooden stick to stir

-    50g of neutral lotion (you can make it following this recipe-- Or just buy it premade)*

-    20g of Aloe gel (light hydrating agent)

-    2g of Zinc oxide (mattifies the skin)

-    20 drops of Cedar essential oils (heals the skin and works on oily skin)

-    10 drops of Palmarosa (antibacterial)

-    10 drops of Tea Tree (anti-acne)

-    10 drops of Lavender (Heals the skins + anti-inflammatory)

-    10 drops of Geranium bourbon (Heals the skins + anti-acne)

-    5 drops of Néroli

-    5 drops or Roman Chamomile

-    2 vitamin E capsules to break open and mix with the cream (antioxidants + preserving properties)

Mix all ingredients well then apply to clean skin twice a day.

The zinc oxide might be harder to break down, mix with the other ingredients, there might be a few smaller chunks left, but it doesn’t matter.

*You can switch the water for floral water, and substitute the sunflower seed by jojoba oil which is better for oily skins.

*There are ready-made neutral lotions at Hunzaroma, Noblessence or Coop Coco.

Body scrub

DIY body scrub

-    ½ cup of coffee grinds (an excellent way to reuse your morning coffee waste and it activates your blood flow! Hello (or rather goodbye heavy legs syndrome & cellulite)

-    ¼ cup of sweet almond or coconut oil

-    3 tablespoons of sea salt

-    ½ cup of sugar

-    2 or 3 drops of sweet orange, Ylang-Ylang or Vanilla extract essential oils (choose your preference!)

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to your body in circular motions.

Warning, this is a bit messy! But your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom afterwards!

DIY Body scrub coffee

Stress-Free roll-on

stress free roll on diy essential oils

One roller application tube

Neutral oil (jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed, etc.)

15 drops of mandarin essential oil

10 drops of Fir essential oil

10 drops of Lavander essential oil

Add all the ingredients to the tube and apply when needed, when you are anxious and take 5 deep breaths at the same time.

Essential oils might seem expensive at first, but do it gradually, and purchase the ones you use the most. I started with the basics: lavender, orange, mint, eucalyptus and then I slowly expanded when my interest and knowledge grew.

So that was a few of my favourites, please share yours as well, we’d love to try them out!

*Warning, while essential oils might be natural, they are still powerful and could be dangerous. Please consult an expert before using them and do not use them on young children or when pregnant.

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