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I'm writing this blog as we are putting the finishing touches on our very own new home after 5 almost 6 months of construction. Many of you have asked me for different tips on making eco-friendly choices when building or renovating. I'll start by saying that I am in no way a professional in this field and that we did hire a contractor for the project. But we learnt so much and had the best time choosing sustainable materials, thanks to this website (Eco Habitation) and its many, many references and we reused all the wood we could along the way.

When we saw all the wood that would be thrown away, but that was still entirely usable, my boyfriend and I knew right away we would be reusing all that we could! We were both impressed at how much we could make with it all.

I wanted to share some of my projects with you all, so here we go:

That bathtub shelf

The easiest one of them all! I used a 2x8 piece of wood that had been abandoned on our lot (covered in mud!) I cleaned it up and then sanded it until I could see all the wood's beautiful knots. I measured my tub and then cut it down to how long I needed it. I oiled it up with a natural & eco-friendly oil to protect it, and that's it! .

 I also added two pieces of wood underneath to hold it back if ever it slipped.

Peg Rail

I measured the exact size I needed, and then I bought a dowel that I cut down into smaller pieces to create the hocks. I painted one and kept the other one natural. This is the tutorial that inspired me.

Peg rail

peg rail


This was my boyfriend's project. We knew that with a firewood stove, we would need somewhere to store it all. He followed this tutorial and used leftover pieces of the tin roof to create its roof. 

DIY woodhsed


Book holder

 I used the wood that supported the boxes our windows when delivered. I sanded it, and it was all set!

 There are many tutorials for this type of book holder.

Construction and more

While this wasn't documented much, nor is it very glamourous, we went to the site every day to sort through the wood into a pile that could be used and what would have to get thrown away. Which was the best in the end because the workers then went to that pile to finish up all kinds of projects (Windows, fireplace etc.)

Projects still to be done:

- We are planning to use leftovers from the sidings to finish our shed.

- We kept a lot of wood for our fires outside this summer!

- Birdhouses

- Henhouse?

- Decorative shelving

When it comes to the tools we used, we borrowed many from my father! Ask your friends and family if you can or go ahead and rent them, don't be shy to ask for help (whenever possible, of course!) : )

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