50 actions to adopt for our planet

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  1. Replace disposable paper towels with washable ones.
  2. Make a vegetable garden.Learn how here
  3. Read a book rather than spend time on social networks (digital pollution).
  4. Unsubscribe from unread newsletters.
  5. Collect and reuse cooking water to water your plants.
  6. Visit a farmer in your area and subscribe to his “farmer’s basket”.
  7. Make a bird feeder with empty toilet paper rolls.
  8. Bring your hazardous household waste to the eco-center.
  9. Bring your batteries and lightbulbs to a drop-off center near you.
  10. Do you have a baby? Swap disposable wipes for washable ones.  Try our easy, natural baby wipe solution.
  11. Make flower bombs to embellish the landscape and attract pollinators.
  12. Cook a vegan meal.
  13. Give your clothes a second life by transforming them or selling them.
  14. Favor public transport, carpooling, cycling, or walking for your trips.
  15. Favor natural fibers for your clothes and linens.
  16. Only start the dishwasher when it is full.
  17. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.
  18. Choose energy-efficient lighting and turn off the lights when leaving a room.
  19. Avoid mowing the lawn too often and mowing it too short.  The longer grass protects the soil and eliminates the need to water the lawn.
  20. Learn to appreciate dandelions. They are a valuable food source for bees.
  21. Wash your clothes in cold water.
  22. In the fall, leave your dead leaves on the ground and shred them with the mower to nourish the soil and protect your lawn during the winter.
  23. Include local foods on your plate such as seaweed, sea buckthorn berries, elderberry, etc.
  24. Empty your inbox regularly.
  25. Install a bidet on your toilet in addition to using washable toilet paper.
  26. Plan your meals around foods to eat quickly to avoid food waste.
  27. Vote in elections and find out about your political party’s environmental plan.
  28. Install a rainwater collector barrel to water your flowers and vegetable garden.
  29. Lower the temperature of your heaters during the night and when you leave the house.
  30. Compost your leftover food.
  31. Discover unsold food applications such as, flashfood, foodhero, etc. to counter food waste.
  32. Participate in a garbage collection in your neighborhood.
  33. Put a “no publicity, no flyers’’ sticker on your mailbox.
  34. Return expired medication to the pharmacy for disposal in a responsible manner.
  35. Use organic and natural fertilizers in your garden.
  36. Make your coffee at home and collect your coffee grounds (coffee grounds exfoliant recipe right here).
  37. Use an ecological search engine (Ecosia).
  38. Think about renting or borrowing before purchasing.
  39. Give a second life to your furniture instead of changing it.
  40. Unplug any unused devices that consume phantom energy.
  41. Make your homemade household products with products that are safe for you and the environment.
  42. Avoid impulse online purchases (and especially their online return too).
  43. Insulate your home for the winter to avoid energy loss and overheating.
  44. Limit the use of air conditioning in summer for hot days.
  45. Repair objects instead of replacing them.
  46. Use washable wipes to remove makeup.
  47. Cook vegetable peelings and meat bones to make tasty homemade broths.
  48. Wrap your gifts in furoshikis or other textiles that you have on hand.
  49. If you have financial investments, learn about green funds.
  50. Play outside, there is nothing better to reconnect with nature!

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