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In our opinion, the kitchen is one of the first places to «attack» if we want to put into place greener and more sustainable actions. From food waste, the way we shop (shopping habits) to the items we have in the kitchen, everything is subject to improvement.

Fortunately, there is now a plethora of products on the market to replace disposable items.

Here are our essentials for you!

For even cleaner and greener dishes

It would be a bit exaggerated to say that our lives have changed with dish cake… but at least doing the dishes is more enjoyable! The cake lasts a long time, it is safe for our health, safe for the environment and it washes really well!! It can even be used to clean the oven, the bath, and our shoes. The fact that it is in bulk without packaging is a plus for its environmental rating. We like to use it with a wooden dishwashing brush and the ceramic brush holder which is biodegradable, therefore compostable at the end of its life (we usually keep them to wash other surfaces such as the bath, ceramic joints, the oven, etc.) or a simple washable cloth.

We also like the compostable luffa (also known as a loofah) made from a type of squash. Once underwater, the luffa softens and will cleanse most surfaces (perfect for skin exfoliating in the shower too). We also really like it for cleaning vitroceramic and the bathtub.

Bye-bye paper towels… hello dish towels

It is no secret that it has been a while since we stopped buying disposable paper towels. We only use dish towels and we do have several, but our favorites are the ones in linen/cotton and cotton/hemp. These fibers absorb excess water well. They are pretty and durable. We also use our napkins and washcloths to wash our boys’ hands and faces after meals. Kliin is a must in our kitchen, great for cleaning too! Did you know it absorbs over 15 times its weight?


Reusable bags, more bags!

Bags for snacks, bulk, fruit, vegetables, bread, and groceries. We even have a dedicated drawer for all our bags! Sounds like a lot, but they all have a function and save us a ton of plastic bags and other junk for landfills every year.


Cooking with silicone sheets

For more than 5 years now, we have been cooking with washable parchment paper sheets and we love them. They wash well and nothing, but NOTHING sticks to the baking sheet in the oven. It really is a must-have as a replacement for disposable parchment or waxed commercial paper. The joy of no longer scrubbing our cookie sheets because of sticking during baking!

This is an introductory tour! We invite you to visit the kitchen and cleaning sections in our store and also to listen to our videos on our Youtube channel for even more tips on the subject!

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