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Will you be moving soon, or you just want a little change of scenery at home? Here are how we would do it.

Whenever you think of decor changes or new home furnishing, there’s usually always a considerable dollar sign amount attached to it because of our latest “Pinterest” inspiration. We’ve all been there. It’s only human to want to create a home where the décor and vibes are a reflection of ourselves at that moment.

I’ve got to admit that I’ve had my fair share of different decors. From “Disney” hues to baroque/rococo themes, I’ve also drawn on my walls and then covered every possible surface with barn wood….so when I say I’ve been there, I’ve truly been there.

And I can also honestly say that with each and every “excessive” theme, I would inevitably also get weary of it quickly. The number of objects and clutter that was created along with the decor was simply too much for our everyday lives.

I always started off with second-hand items and sold my things when it was time for a change, though, because the environmental impact of such decisions is massive.

Whether it’s the material and fabric with which the new items are made of, each and every object that is “needed” has an impact, which is why we always make it a point to buy second-hand whenever possible and/or to purchase high-quality products that are locally made.

Plus, before buying anything new, think about refurbishing your old ones or try selling the old ones to help pay for the new ones.

You guys most likely already know all about minimalist living and how to remove clutter from your space, but just in case you don’t, here’s an article we wrote about it and we’ve got all kinds of inspirational blogs and books here .

Along with Marie Kondo’s Netflix documentary:  

So here’s the breakdown of how we go about redecoration our homes:

Make a choice:

I know, I know, it’s not always easy;)! But I believe our homes should represent us and how we live our lives. So, yes, of course, Pinterest is full of all kinds of beautiful boards and everything trendy, but don’t forget, what’s trendy today will most likely not last very long! 

Be creative with your home and decor, pick and choose what it is you love and what resonates with your values.

So go with sustainable materials and neutral colours




Grey/Beige/White & Black tones

Most discrete patterns

I really love Scandinavian themes because they mostly have all these characteristics!

Where to shop?

-Kijiji (the ultimate classic) 

-Les Pac 

-Facebook groups (There are many different ones available to your region. I subscribed to the Boucherville and surroundings ones) 

Many are dedicated to IKEA furniture only 

-Arte (You will find many different items and furniture, plus this is a socially integrating company)  

-Antiquité Gélineau in Bromont (450 534-2414). They do not have a website, but they do have a vast inventory of choices 

- Il était une fois (Bromont), everything is available right here on their Facebook page: 

- Ask your grandparents! They probably have so many items that are of high-quality and most often quite durable :)! They simply don’t know you would like to have them!

- Garage sales and estate sales are always a win

Here’s a long list of antique spots


There are MANY many places to find what you need before you go shopping for new furniture and decor, the entire list would be too long! 

Make sure that when you do find something, you purchase it because you genuinely need it, not just because it’s only 10$! This rule goes whether it’s a new item or a new one!  Hoarding and clutter can also happen with second-hand items, so it’s not because it’s cheap that you need it ;) 

No impulse buys, and think through the purchases you’re about to make!

Refurbish your furniture and give them a new life! 

Sometimes an old piece of furniture needs a bit of love and care instead of tossing it. You could always keep it as is or take the time to transform it with a bit of creativity! The perfect DIY to do outside this summer.


Sometimes all it needs is a good scrub-down!


A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, but always ask an expert before purchasing varnish and paint, to make sure it’s suitable for the piece of furniture you are transforming. I brought a part of it to the hardware store with me, so the person behind the counter knew exactly what I was dealing with.

Change the handles! 

Change it up for some funky handles; you’d be surprised at how much it will change everything!

Give your old dresser a new life-purpose!

If you search “Ikea Hacks” on Pinterest, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you already have on hand that can be transformed into what you need!

Look at what you have in your home objectively, try to give it a new purpose, be creative! Switch things around and see if it works in the space you have.

Happy Hunting!

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