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Have you ever noticed how we accumulate creams, expired products and product samples in our bathrooms? One thing is for sure; we don’t need all these products! Plus, most commercial products are incredibly toxic for us and the environment (always consider the added fragrances.)

Before we share our tips on how to make your bathroom more eco friendly and minimalist, a thorough cleaning is necessary!

So, go ahead and empty those drawers! Start by getting rid of what is ‘’expired’’ and what is kept ‘’in case of’’. If you’re worried that you’ll find your drawers too bare, don’t, you’ll learn to appreciate the empty space and decluttered look without feeling the need to fill them up again:)!

Once you’ve sorted everything out, we strongly recommend you make your own products or buy them in bulk (go with what you like and what suits your lifestyle best!) But be careful, this process is not meant for you to throw everything out to replace it all at once. You don’t want to get rid of an excellent product to replace it with another. Finish what you have, give some away if you must and take it slow.


Here are our favourites:


Bars of soap or soap in bulk

We don’t make our own soap because it’s easily accessible in zero waste grocery stores as well as natural food stores. Choose soap bars that are scented with essential oils or shower gels that are made with natural ingredients and available in bulk. There are many local businesses (Savonnerie des diligences, Savons-nous, etc.) such as ONEKA that make their products with essential oils, like their shower gel (my favourite is cedar and sage.)

*Try to find a soap that fits the whole family, there’s no need for a bar of soap for baby, one for mommy and another for daddy.

We are used to products with synthetic fragrances, but I promise, once you change that habit, you won’t want to go back. (They can often give you a headache afterwards)

Metal razor

This type of razor is highly durable, and the blades are metal as well. Be done with those highly expensive plastic blades! It might be intimidating at first, the idea of cutting yourself with it can be scary, but I can assure you that shaving with this razor is a breeze and works perfectly!

Buy it here

Body butter

You can easily use oil of your choice (almond, olive, untoasted sesame or coconut) or make our body butter recipe. You can add any essential oil as fragrance*, this way you won’t need a specific cream for each part of your body.

*pregnant women or breastfeeding moms and young children, please consult an aromatherapist for the list of essential oils you can use.


We love the dry brushing technique which can be done with a natural fibre brush. You can also make homemade exfoliant by using the coffee grinds you have on hand mixed with a bit of coconut oil and sugar. You can also use our vegetable sponge made of natural fiber to exfoliate your skin in the shower.

For a facial exfoliant, you can make some paste out of baking soda and water or even some oats mixed with honey. These 2 last recipes are softer for those with sensitive skin.


Discover our favourite homemade deodorant recipes

You can also find some in bulk in certain zero waste grocery stores or buy some without toxic ingredients in any natural food stores. We also like those in cardboard packaging from the brand  Attitude.  

For your face:

Makeup remover

We use plain jojoba oil. You could use any other oil of your choice, just make sure you consider your skin type. I also find that limestone liniment oleo works like a charm since it’s oil based.


According to your skin type, you could make your own cream with the following recipe and personalize it. The important thing to keep in mind is to have a product that suits you, not 10! Simplify your skin routine by choosing a cream or serum to your liking, made of healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. Many local businesses have fantastic products that are non-toxic, like BKIND. We also like the ones offered by the Quebec brand Omy (made with vegan ingredients!). 

Reusable washcloths

BE done with cotton pads! The resources needed to make them can’t compare to their lifespan, a few seconds in your hand and then off to wastelands? No thanks! Let’s go back to basics with the very famous washcloth that can quite easily be tossed in the washing machine after being used a few times. You can even remove stains with the Marseille soap, so they stay nice and clean. You can buy these organic cotton washcloths on our online shop

colibri washcloth

Toothpaste and toothbrush

There are many recipes for toothpaste online, but we really love the mint one from Rose-Citron, which is available in bulk. Did you know that there are over 4,9 million toothbrushes that are thrown away each year?! This small change can make a significant impact today! Use a compostable bamboo toothbrush (now also available in pharmacies).

Reusable cotton swabs

We use an Oriculi! Oh yes, they do exist! It can be made out of wood like this one or stainless steel.

For your hair

Shampoo and conditioner

We tested several natural products offered in bulk, but it all comes down to your hair type! What is great about buying in bulk is you can test out a small quantity before deciding if it suits you. We like the BKIND bar and the BUTR ball. As for what is available in bulk, I get the eucalyptus fragrance from the company «Laboratoire Monceaux» which I get at L’espace Organique in Longueuil.

I used an old hand soap bottle for my shampoo; I find it’s handy and quicker with the pump!

Neutralizing bathroom odours

-The poopoo spray or «anti-odours» for the bathroom

We make our own spray for the bathroom. We stay far away from any commercial sprays (spring fragrance, meadows & rain, etc.)!


Mix in a spray bottle:

-15 ml of vodka

-25-30 drops of your preferred essential oils (lavender, lemon, mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, grapefruit, etc.)

Fill the rest of the bottle with water and make sure to shake before each use.

Hopefully, this information will have tempted you to make a few changes to your bathroom routine! The essential here is to minimize the number of products we own and to make greener and healthier choices for ourselves as well as our families. Also, you’ll spend a lot less time at the pharmacy. 

To discover some of the products mentioned in the article, click here

If you want to know more about our beauty routine and our tips on living a minimalist life, watch our videos here:

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