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We’ve come a long way since the beginning of our minimalist lifestyle adjustments. And it’s come down to the bare basics because we’ve discovered that we honestly don’t need that much.We’ve gone from a super crowded counter-top to a few essential products, that can all be used for many different purposes. Anyways, I guess you’ll have found out by now: we like multi-purpose products!

Here are our favorites:

The tongue cleaner

Alright, so this one might not be an essential to the bathroom, but I really like it. I purchased one at my yoga center and now I use it every day. It’s an old Ayurveda method that helps you remove all toxins and bacteria on your tongue that are the cause of bad breath. Apparently, it also helps your digestion and it enhances your taste buds.

Jojoba oil

This oil is a wonder to remove your make-up, we prefer it over coconut oil because it’s not as heavy on your face and is perfect for oily skin as well.

Just take a few drops of it and warm it up in the palm of your hands, then rub in a circular motion on your face and eyes.

Then take a soft facecloth, run it under warm water and rinse off. Natural, soft and so economical! Jojoba oil can be purchased in bulk.


We both like Rose or Neroli  Hydrolat around here, but you could also use lavender or rosemary, it truly depends on your skin type and needs. We use it as a tonic after washing our faces to soothe our skin. It smells heavenly, it’s energizing in the morning, and it also helps with any redness of the skin. It works very well during summer to soothe any kind of sunburn as well. 

Where to buy jojoba oil and hydrolat:

Coop Coco / Montreal et en ligne

Hunzaroma / Longueuil

Noblessence / Montreal

Espace organique / Longueuil

Zayat Aroma / Bromont 

DIY Face Cream

To moisturize, we use a cream that we make at home with natural ingredients. We change the recipe depending on the season and our needs. We use it morning and night on our faces.Recipe will be in our next blog! ;) 

Reusable make-up removing pads

Now these are a true essential to have in the bathroom! We use them to remove our make-up, to clean our faces and bodies. They easily replace any disposable alternative and they are so much better on our faces. Plus, they are made of organic cotton!

Buy here

Natural bristle brush

This has to be our favourite find of the year! While we do still love exfoliating our skin with the homemade coffee scrub recipe, it’s not something we do daily. So we explored the dry brushing option to keep our skin soft on a daily basis.

You dry brush before going in the shower, you start at the bottom of your body working your way up. You brush the skin with large circular motions to exfoliate the skin and to activate the lymphatic circulation. This reduces cellulite, helps with heavy legs syndrome and also makes your skin extra-duper soft. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your skin with the homemade body butter recipe.

Make sure you choose a natural wood brush, made with natural bristles so you can then compost it, but before you do that, once it’s run its course in the bathroom (a few years later), use it around the house for any nitty-gritty scrubbing till it’s absolutely done for. #Reuse


This is the green alternative to disposable q-tips ! We purchased ours on Amazon, but there are many options available out there. It’s a great way to clean your ears without pushing the wax at the end of your ear canal. This particular tool does require a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it! It also takes up a lot less space in the bathroom drawers than that big disposable q-tips box!

Buy here

These 6 items won’t take up much room in your home and can be used by everybody in the house. We made all these changes progressively, over time, so we do recommend you make the changes once you’ve finished all the products/items you have on hand before doing so! Once what you have in your house is done, simply replace it by an organic and natural option.

*Ask an Aromatherapy professional to know which Hydrolat you need for your skin type.


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