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We all know that changing a habit is not the easiest thing to do, especially when it comes to those that have been around for a very long time! There’s always a learning period at first or a detox phase as we like to put it before we can truly get rid of a non-sustainable habit. The one we noticed the most was when we switched over to washable paper-towels and rags. That instinct to grab a piece of paper when there’s a spill is strong, but it only took a few days, maybe a week before it passed and honestly it’s all the same now. The best way to get rid of that habit is not to have them on hand, and then you just find another way to pick up the spill.

What’s even better, is that there are many green alternatives offered by some wonderful companies from here.

Here are our kitchen must-haves:

The silicone sheet
This is the best alternative to parchment or waxed paper. Not only is it extremely durable, but it’s also a non-stick surface, so you don’t have to worry about your recipe sticking to it. It’s a great tool to have in your kitchen!

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Beeswax sheets
These sheets are an excellent green solution for wrapping your sandwiches, to cover your leftovers or to keep your food fresh. They are also waterproof; therefore, water won’t spoil anything, but it will also let your food breathe. We love wrapping half of an avocado with it so that it doesn’t become all brown a few hours after it was cut open. They also offer another layer of protection to your loaf of bread; all you have to do is wrap it in it and then add it to your bread bag afterwards
So there you have it, the ultimate alternative to the plastic wrap! Beeswax wrap is also compostable, so it’s a win-win change for everyone. Just rinse them under cold water after use, and they’ll be good for 1-2 years.

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Reusable bags
This one is a classic. Make sure you leave them by the door so you can grab them and go, or put them in your purse to have them with you when you need them. This is the easiest of ways to make sure there are less and less plastic bags wasting away in landfills or worse, our oceans. Bags made from natural fabric are easily washable and therefore rule out the hygiene issue anybody could have, plus they’re much prettier!

reusable bag

Snack bags
There are now so many alternatives in as many different materials that can suit your family needs when it comes to replacing plastic snack bags that have ruled kitchens for way too long. They are just as handy, can be machine washed and the best upside is that you won’t have to buy more every week. They can also be used to purchase anything you need in bulk!

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The Rag
This should be your go-to for all mess related cleaning. In the old days, people would gather quite the collection of hand-knit rags, and they would be used for many different things. But it seems like this tradition has been lost along the way and won over by the paper-towel industry. This is a bit of a mystery to us, considering how versatile the rags can be, wash them in warm water to disinfect and then reuse them over and over! If ever you do prefer a “paper-towel” alternative, the Quebec-based company Kliin make an awesome alternative that is super absorbent. It’s machine washable or dishwasher friendly and can then be used over 100 times after that, and when you’re done with them, they can be composted. They are also absolutely adorable! You could also always just cut up an old rag or bedsheet into smaller squares and store them into a lovely jar on the counter, this way you’ll always have some on hand and if they’re made of natural materials (cotton, linen or wool) they can go in the compost when you’re done with
them. No trees need to be cut down when you use a rag!

Make the changes one step at a time and give yourself the time to get used to it. Don’t buy more disposable items when you’re in the transition phase. It’ll be easier to get rid of the old habit this way!

Tell us, what are your favourite sustainable items in the kitchen?

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